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Positive music can take many forms. Luckily, our stock music covers a wide array of different styles and genres. From carefree melodies to upbeat tunes, with our background music positive scenes in movies, TV and radio ads or image films will be properly accentuated. We offer instrumental glockenspiel and piano tracks, lofty loops and xylophone tunes. Electric guitars, catchy harmonies and perfectly cheerful melodies are bound to engage with your audience on an acoustic level. Our happy and positive instrumental background tracks augments the light-heartedness of your project and is bound to win your audiences over.

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Upbeat music can come in handy in many situations. Are you planning on shooting an advertisement aimed at a young audience? We recommend our positive rock tunes to give your images just the right amount of additional energy. Maybe you are working on a corporate image film – in this case, you can look for some unobtrusive yet catchy melodies to bring your message across. When you want to make a serious point without sounding too stern, we also provide you with nuanced melancholic yet hopeful tunes, leaving your viewers in a thoughtful but positive mood. However, advertisements, image films and movie trailers are not the only projects that benefit from upbeat tunes, but also waiting loops and the atmosphere in your café or restaurant.

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We want you to maximize the potential of your project – whether it’s a movie, image film or advertisement. This is why we made sure that downloading and embedding our songs is quick and easy. Simply register for free with Sonic Liberty and you will find three download links at the bottom of the information box of every track you have selected. You can choose between MP3, WAV and AIF formats. Every song will be downloaded in its entirety: no quality reductions or disturbing noises. You can test our uplifting songs for as long as you want; only when you decide to publish your project, you will need to acquire a license from us. For transparency, we offer different licenses for different uses, ensuring cost efficient planning.